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Vegan Podcasts!

It's the beginning of the week, and it's time for some NEW podcasts to listen to! Podcasts are so great! They help make those commutes go quicker, and there is literally a podcast on EVERYTHING. If you want to listen to a podcast about basset hounds, I bet it's out there. About pickles, I'm sure it's out there too. Well if you do like to listen to podcasts, we have two new ones for you! The founder of Little Green Forks, Dr. John Tanner, has recently been a guest on two different podcasts. He had so much fun sharing his story of why he started the food delivery service, Little Green Forks, as well as the nonprofit NuSci Nutrition Science Foundation. His story is so dramatic, you almost won't believe it! He also shares information on the IDEAL diet. SO GOOD. You definitely have to take a listen!

According to Vegan Danielle, "In this episode, John shares his story, along with some pretty staggering statistics on the link between heart disease and diet. Plus, stay tuned; John is giving away 100 free books, as well as a BOGO meal from Little Green Forks! Claim Your Free Book or DVD (Free Shipping Too!): Send a message saying you heard John on the "Vegan Danielle Podcast" and pick your book or DVD! To Order Meal Prep from Little Green Forks: Use code "BOGONEW" for Buy One Get One on your first order".

Vegan Danielle is an incredible host and is doing so much for the Vegan Community! She is working hard to make sure we are all informed about Veganism and has been working a lot with Animal Activism. She discusses things such as the frustrations of going vegan as well as the many benefits. And is also really into physical fitness!

Different options to listen to the episode: (Episode 219)

Bob Linden shares about the episode that it's the, "First Program of the New Decade: Is This the Most Important Show about Health You Will Ever Hear – or – the Most Important Show about Climate Change – or Both? Listen how you can get one of the eight great modern era books and videos on health FREE during our interview with lucky-to-be-alive cardiac-arrest survivor JOHN TANNER, PhD., founder of the Nutrition Science Foundation, Tanner Care, and Little Green Forks vegan food delivery …

**** BOOK GIVE-AWAY! Listen to today’s interview and learn how 100 listeners can claim a free book or movie (+ free shipping), from the great selection at:".

Listen HERE! (Episode #633)

Bob Linden has been vegan for 29 years and hosts the Go Vegan Radio With Bob Linden, which is, "...the first ever mainstream-media vegan animal liberation, health, and environmental program". He is active in the community and is dedicated to Veganism!

The hosts of these shows are incredible and have had just as incredible guests on their shows in the past! Our founder, Dr. John Tanner, was honored to be a guest on each of them. Make sure you put these down on your podcast list and let us know what you think.

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