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Heal from the Inside Out!

How many diets have you tried in your life? I think we all have attempted to follow at least one. When summer starts approaching, most of us get the urge to follow the trendiest diet, but as the months go by, the commitment quickly fades, and disappointment sets in.

This time, we encourage you to focus on healing your body from the inside out by adopting a sustainable way of eating that consists of whole, plant-based food. By eating whole foods that are dairy free, meat free, and oil-free, you can experience significant benefits, including improving your health and extending your life and achieving a healthy weight. Another great benefit to eating this way is you can eat large portions of nutrient dense foods without needing to worry about the counting the calories!

Four simple steps for a sustaining, whole-food, plant-based diet:

1. Learn what you should and shouldn’t eat: Do your research, find trustworthy plant-based doctors and registered dieticians, and discover what food is best for you to eat. You can attend an upcoming Nutrition Science (NuSci) workshop where Dr. John Tanner shares about what foods you should eat when on this diet. For example, you can eat a lot of your favorite dishes, just made in a healthier way.

2. Go through your kitchen: After you learn what you should eat, it’s time to go through your kitchen. Your pantry and refrigerator are most likely filled with food and ingredients that aren’t good for you. We suggest getting rid of these products as soon as possible and avoid buying them moving forward.

3. Create meal plans: Now you can start to experiment with whole plant cooking at home! Find meal ideas at To help get you started on eating healthy, plant-based meals, consider ordering from Little Green Forks meal delivery. Visit to place your order or call (626) 387-3675 for more details.

4. Get support: You may need some additional support. Join Facebook Groups to address questions you might have or utilize resources such as for helpful information about a plant-based diet. Another option is Tanner Care. Contact Petra at for more info.

Start with a one-week trial of eating a whole-food, plant-based diet, see how you feel, and then try a 30-day challenge. After the 30 days, aim for a 90-day challenge and continue to monitor how you feel. What many people experience after starting this diet is weight loss and increased energy, and if you eat this way for a while, you can experience a reversal in many illnesses and diseases. Make this year the year that you take control of your diet and heal yourself from the inside out.

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