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To Our Customers...

To Our Loyal Customers,

Greetings from the Little Green Forks Kitchen Manager.

I want to reassure you that we are up and running per usual, and explain the food-safety protocol we follow regularly and the extra precautions we are currently taking in light of the coronavirus crisis.

First of all, we received a practical 99 "A" rating from the health department just last week, Monday 9 March. We use a dedicated (exclusive to Little Green Forks production) space in a private kitchen. The public does not have access, and has no need to enter. Everyone else is at least 6 feet away. Some of our kitchen neighbors' business has slowed considerably, because they do "pop-ups" as their main business, but we remain delivery-only. None of us has walk-in customers.

Our pots, pans, mixing bowls, and utensils are not shared. We use industrial-strength sanitizers to clean our stainless-steel work surfaces. Dishes go through a machine with scalding-hot water and industrial sterilizer/sanitizer. We wear gloves and change them often. I have started wearing gloves at the grocery store and don't discard them until I have returned the cart to the store. Fresh produce is washed.

We have a tiny staff of three. I am a single-occupant household (me), and I am scheduling my part-time help only as urgently necessary. Even then, we are working in shifts so that it's only one of us at a time. I work late at night and into the very early hours of the morning, when no one else at all tends to be at the kitchen-just me (and Alexa for music). It is many hours later, long after I am gone, that our delivery person comes to pick up.

I promise that, as long as ingredients remain available to us when we're shopping, you will get the same quality food you expect from us. When something is not available, you will be made aware of the impossible item(s) in your order very early in the day your delivery goes out. I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen, but a lot of things are unpredictable for now.

We all look forward to working together to get you through your time of "social distancing" and work-imposed isolation. We are happy to keep you in healthful food! Also keep looking for more new items. They're coming!

Jen Gies for Little Green Forks on the production end

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