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The WHOLE Conference

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

If you haven't attended, you NEED to go! The WHOLE Conference is everything you're looking for in a plant-based, information filled, and fun conference. The prices are very reasonable for the powerful speakers that they have present, and the delicious food that they provide. Registration is easy and simple, and they welcome you with a bag filled with plant-based information and coupons. There are a variety of booths such as Besties (giving out free samples of really good power balls, biscotti, and granola to try!), NuSci (Nutrition Science Foundation that provides resources for those who want to learn more about a plant-based lifestyle), and Arlo books (super cute children books that make the perfect gift! Especially the Farmer's Market one.)

We just attended their annual conference, on Sunday, February 16th, 2020 in Camarillo, CA. The community of people there at this one day conference was truly amazing. Everyone was eager to learn about plant-based nutrition and just wanted to share what they had learned and experienced with those around them. There were even stretch breaks and raffles in between each speaker, which was so entertaining! Every year the speakers are different, which is always exciting because you get to hear more of a variety of whole food, plant-based nutritional information. This 2020 year, the speakers were incredible! They were such amazing speakers with impactful messages on whole-food, plant-based nutrition.


-Angie Sadeghi: Focuses on a range of services to help individuals with gut problems (she's an expert in the digestive system), obesity, anti-aging, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and overall disease prevention. She was great!

-Chef Alan Roettinger: Hilarious and did a wonderful job demonstrating how easy eating plant-based can be. He gave some good tips while cooking as well!

-Dr. Hashmi: He mostly focuses on providing the latest evidence-based health, nutrition and wellness education. Some of his slides were about inorganic vs. organic phosphate, soy protein, and restriction with ACEI. He was one of many of the speakers that received a standing ovation at the end!

-Dr. Dean Sherzai: This speaker shared incredible information about the brain and how our lifestyle habits can directly impact how it functions. His wife Dr. Ayesha Sherzai and him have a book out called, "The Alzheimer's Solution" that you should all read!

-Tim Kaufman: Wow, he was such an inspiration! His story was transformational and so encouraging for the whole audience. He was looking at death, when he finally made a decision to change his life, that involved a plant-based lifestyle.

-Dr. Michael Greger: It's always a good day when Dr. Michael Greger is around! He shared extensive and cutting-edge science behind the healthiest, most optimal diet. And gave information on how to avoid bad and fad diets. He stayed for a bit afterwards to sign some books, but there was just too many of us for him to get to every one, unfortunately.

The breakfast was provided early in the morning by the sponsor of The WHOLE Conference, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Camarillo. The lunch was then catered by Command Performance Catering, and was absolutely delicious! Included in the meal was potatoes, watermelon radish, bean sprouts, cucumbers, cabbage, tofu, black rice, green beans, with an almond butter dressing to pour over, & a dessert on the side (Chia pudding with strawberries & basil). It was the perfect amount of food, all made with whole food, plant-based, and without oil. Just take a look below!

This conference is growing in size every time. This year, they sold out completely! You want to make sure you're following them on Instagram, "Like" them on Facebook, and keep an eye out on their website for when they open up to sell tickets. Click here for more information about next years 2020 WHOLE conference. Hope to see you all there!

**And if you're new to the plant-based lifestyle or need new ideas of what to eat, try Little Green Forks 100% plant-based meals. They are made fresh every morning and delivered right to your door! Next-day delivery or pickup available. We deliver to San Gabriel Valley, LA and North Orange County.

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