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Thank You for My Life: How Little Green Forks and Tanner Care Were Born

Learn how Little Green Forks and Tanner Care started in the article below that was shared in the June 2020 Monrovia Living Magazine. This powerful article shares the story of a near death experience that led to a revelation in how to optimize your health through the simplicity of nutrition. Read the article below...

On October 11, 2009, I was running in my neighborhood in Pasadena as I had for years, thinking I was healthy. But on this day, a couple minutes into my run, I staggered and dropped to the ground unconscious. My heart had stopped: I was in cardiac arrest. Luckily, some neighbors saw me, started CPR, and called 911. Paramedics came and used a defibrillator to restart my heart, and I later learned that the survival rate for cardiac arrest outside of a hospital is about three percent.

Physicians at the hospital diagnosed my heart attack as stemming from a blocked artery, and they put a stent in it to reopen the blood flow. Though those who survive cardiac arrest can have residual heart or brain damage due to the period the heart and brain are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, I was lucky enough to avoid these complications, thanks to the efforts of my neighbors, the paramedics, and physicians who attended me.

Because of the selfless actions of those who saved my life, I was inspired to start a non-profit called the Nutrition Science Foundation ( Through this organization, I’ve delivered over 100 workshops focused on disease reversal and prevention through nutrition, and I’ve given away over 10,000 books.

At our workshops, we provide a free dinner from another company I started, Little Green Forks, so that people can see that plant-based food can taste great. Little Green Forks has served more than 50,000 meals, including those offered through our online delivery service. We also started Tanner Care Health and Wellness Center to provide yearlong programs of education and coaching to help people overcome their obstacles to lifestyle change and health.

Before my cardiac arrest, I had a great life. I worked hard and had my share of good fortune. It almost ended suddenly. Thanks to my life savers, I got to continue my life. I am excited to help people live healthier lives through good nutrition and wellness, and I invite you check out Little Green Forks for our healthy, plant-based meals for pickup or delivery, as well as Tanner Care for coaching and support as you make healthier lifestyle choices. When ordering Little Green Forks, use code BOGOML2 to receive $15 off your first order of $30 or more!

- John Tanner, Founder of Little Green Forks, Tanner Care, and NuSci

Little Green Forks June Issue Article
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