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Saving Lives One Meal at a Time

Around this time of year, many people are looking for ways to give back to their community. If you’re looking to donate to a local nonprofit this season, consider giving to The Nutrition Science Foundation (NuSci). This nonprofit was founded to address the tragic loss of human life and needless suffering caused by a lack of awareness of the dietary choices that can make people sick. The founder, Dr. John Tanner, started NuSci after suffering from cardiac arrest eleven years ago. His mission is to educate people about nutrition science research and encourage them to act on it to reverse the heart disease created by poor food choices. Research shows that even for people with severe heart disease, a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet reduces heart disease by more than ninety-nine percent.

Each year, NuSci engages in workshops, conference talks, and book and DVD distribution to help spread the word about the benefits of healthy eating. In 2019, NuSci gave out more than five hundred books and DVDs focused on plant-based nutrition. Before Covid19, in-person workshops were hosted each month that included book giveaways and a plant-based dinner from Little Green Forks. Now NuSci has transitioned to hosting their free workshops online! To find out more about these workshops and when you can register for the next one, visit

What NuSci can accomplish depends on their donors. Donations allow NuSci to educate more people about nutrition based in the latest scientific studies. For more information on where your donations will go, visit and click “Donate.”

Another way to give back this year is to show someone how much you care by sharing the life-saving information about a plant-based lifestyle found at On the website, you’ll find nutrition and scientific information to support this lifestyle, a variety of plant-based recipes, including soups, salads, main dishes, and sides, a list of health practitioners that advocate for plant-based living, and a list of movies and books that emphasize the importance of whole food, plant-based nutrition.

Lastly, you can always give back by telling others about Little Green Forks plant-based meal delivery. Instead of having to grocery shop and cook this season, treat yourself and your loved ones to healthy dinners from Little Green Forks. The online menu offers items filled with nutritious ingredients that are meat-free, dairy-free, and oil-free. Every meal is delivered, fully prepared, to your front door and ready to heat and eat.

Giving someone the gift of health is an incredible way to say you value them and care deeply about the quality of life they are living. By supporting NuSci, you’re giving people the gift of health and investing in the longevity of their lives.

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