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At Home Activities

We are aware that the current situation in this world is not ideal. There are a lot of parents who have to stay at home with their kids now, as well as others who are working form home. Sadly, there are also some who are losing their jobs, or financially struggling because of this time. We, like many others, want to ensure that everyone is safe in this time, by staying home as much as possible. But we are also sympathetic for those that are struggling continuing doing business and are losing money.

To help uplift some spirits, we wanted to share some ideas that we thought would make great activities while people are staying home!

1. Cook as a family

Now that most of you have probably done your shopping, plan a night to get the whole family in on cooking dinner. Watch a video on YouTube on how to cook a certain dish or try a whole new meal that you've been wanting to do but haven't had time for. Assign a task for each member so everyone feels like they are involved. It's a family experience you'll never forget!

2. Learn cooking lessons

Okay so maybe you can't cook. Now is the time to learn! YouTube is honestly the best. You can learn almost anything on there. Especially cooking! Think of a food you like (let's think something easy, and preferably plant-based), and try making it! If it doesn't turn out good, well you could always order from Little Green Forks as a backup.

3. Order food delivery

Now is the time to try out those places that you've been putting on the back burner. "Oh that place looks good. One day we'll try that." TODAY is that day! So many restaurants need your help in this time. Although dine in options aren't available, take out and delivery still are for most places! If you're looking for premade, plant-based meals that are ready to heat and eat, try Little Green Forks. Soups, Salads, & Entrees that are super healthy & yes, super good!

4. Go for a walk

Get some fresh air, move those legs, and go for a walk! Just around the neighborhood is good. Go by yourself, with your significant other, with your kids, or as a whole family. Play ISpy or talk about future renovations you may want to do by getting inspiration from other houses. Smell flowers and name trees. Enjoy the outdoors!

5. Play a game

For most, we may need to dust the board games off that are in the closet before we play them. This is a great way to let our any competitive energy and to also have a fun time! Hopefully you're with some others in your household, but if not, there are many other games you can play solo. There are board games, online games, video games, and games on your phone! So many different ways to have some fun.

6. Do a puzzle

Maybe games aren't your thing. That's cool. You could do a puzzle! A 500 piece puzzle could take about 4 hours. Soooo if you're looking to kill some time and to exercise your brain a little, well there you go. Also, as a family, puzzles are a great way to develop teamwork! A future tradition you can even start with your family is to buy a puzzle from every place you travel and when you put the puzzle together, you can reminisce about your favorite memories of the trip.

7. Work on projects you've been wanting to do

We know you have a list of projects that you thought would NEVER get done. Well guess what? Now is your time. Want to organize the bathroom like you always wanted? Do it. The picture you wanted to paint? You should start. Have an invention? See if it works.

8. Learn a new language

Nu är det dags att lära sig ett nytt språk (Now is the time to learn a new language in Swedish). If you have the brain capacity, then we think you should go for it! And while you learn, you can teach your kids too. By the time this quarantine is over, you'll be fluent!

9. Start a side job

For those that are financially struggling, this may be an opportunity to motivate you to start a side job. Maybe there's a skill you have that you never really explored because you've always been busy with your full time job. Or maybe a dream that you always wanted to pursue but haven't had the mental capacity to dive in and see what can come of it. Utilize this time to earn an extra income by either fulfilling a dream you've had or executing a skill that you possess.

10. Read

We always want to read, but time does not always allow that. With being at home, there may be more time to read books that have been on your list for some time. Maybe you have articles you've been wanting to read, or personal development books. You may have even received a book from our nonprofit NuSci that you haven't had a chance to read yet. Time to open up some books!

11. Spring Clean

I mean, it technically is almost Spring so spring cleaning is definitely in order. Organize, purge, clean, sanitize, & repeat! Bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, closets, garages (good luck), and any other spots that you can find! By the end, you will feel SO MUCH BETTER.

12. Garden

With grocery stores all crazy, & the produce departments being diminished, you might want to start growing your own garden. Seeds, soil, some wooden planks, and your garden is off to a good start! It may take some patience, but eventually you'll have your own "produce department".

Hopefully some of these ideas excite you and that you're able to actually do some of them! If you have any of your own, please share in the comments.

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